Thinking about the best tour program fits your needs and your budget, here is the key. For the tour packages i prefer the tailor made style, because i found from my experience for 6 years and the many tours i arranged for a lot of tourists that each one has his own travel style and his own budget. So i give you in this short page all the informations you need about all the attractions and the sights of Egypt, so by the end of this small page you will get the right decision and the answers of ( How ?, When ?, What ? ) to see in Egypt
Then my turn comes after you decide, you tell me what you want to see and visit, then send me an email with details. I will arrange all these sights and reply within 24 hours, and offer to you 1 or 2 itineraries 
North Of Egypt :
1 - Cairo :
The capital of Egypt, has a lot of sights to see such as :
  • Pyramids It is known for everybody, the royal tombs  back to 4500 years ago, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.
  • Sakrra : located south of Cairo, it has the first pyramid in the world ( The step Pyramid of Zoser ) 4800 years ago.
  • Memphis The first capital of Egypt, back to 5000 years ago, has very important monuments like Ramses 2nd statue and the alabaster sphinx
  • Dahshur: It has the 2nd and 3rd pyramids in Egypt ( the red pyramid and the bent pyramid )
  • Citadel It back to the Islamic era (11th century ) it has a very nice mosque ( Mohamed Ali mosque )
  • Islamic Cairo It has the most important and most beautiful mosques in Egypt.
  • Coptic Cairo: It has some of the most important churches not only in Egypt but also in the whole world
  • Markets : like Khan ElKhalily market 

2 - Alexandria :
The second biggest city after Cairo, has many places to visit such as : 
  • Catacombs: Roman tombs under the ground back to 1700 years ago,
  • Pompay pillar : The location of one of the most important Greeks temples 2300 years ago.
  • Roman theater
  • The newly rebuilt library of Alexandria.
  • Qaitbay Citadel : Back to the Islamic era witnessed a lot of wars in Alexandria.
  • Montazah Gardens : The gardens of the royal family in Egypt ( 19 & 20 Centuries ).
South Of Egypt :
1 - Luxor :
The second capital of ancient Egypt after Memphis and one of the most important historical places in the world. It has 
  • The Kings valley : Where you can see the Pharaohs tombs under the ground back to 3300 years ago.
  • Queens valley : Where you can see one of the most beautiful colorful tombs in the world ( Nefertari tomb )
  • Hatshepsut temple: Unique temple for unique character ( First queen of Egypt 3500 years ago )
  • Luxor & Karnak temples: Which didecated for the sun god ( Amun Re ) the God of ancient Egypt.

2 - Edfu :
The town of the most preserved cult temple from ancient Egypt dedicated for the falcon God ( God Horus )  You can visit it by Nile cruise or by car.

3 - Kom Ombo :
It has the temple of the crocodile god ( Sopek ) back to the Greeks period 2200 years ago. You can visit it by Nile cruise or by car.

4 - Aswan :
One of the most lovely and beautiful cities in Egypt where you can see :
  • The Philea temple : The temple of the goddess Isis the goddess of love, beauty, music and protection.
  • The unfinished obelisk .
  • The High Dam .

5 - Abu Simple temple : 
The temple of king Ramses 2nd, the great king and the most famous one. you can go there by car or flight.
East Of Egypt : 
  • ( Resorts ) : Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Dahab & Taba.
  • St Catherine : One of the most important religious places in the world where the Moses mountain is, and the the Monstary of St Catherine.
  • Suez canal .
West of Egypt : Desert Safari :
  • Baharya oasis : Where you can enjoy the desert safari tours in the White desert, Crystal mountains & the black desert.
  • Siwa oasis The paradise in the middle of the desert and the best place in Egypt and one of the best in the world for desert safari.
Transportation ways :
1 - Air Flights :
Egyptair domestic flights connecting all the major cities like ( Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada &  Abu Simple )
2 - Trains :
In Egypt 2 kinds of trains for tourists : Sleeper trains & First class seating trains, I prefer the sleeper train.
3 - Private tour cars :
For moving in between the sights inside the cities.
4 - Nile cruises :
The classical transportation way for tourists between ( Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo & Aswan ) that is why we call this tour (Classical tour)